Hryhoriy Skovoroda State Pedagogical University


Academician of Sciences of Ukraine, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, Honored Worker of Education of Ukraine  – Kotsur Viktor

University was founded in 1986. It is situated near the capital of Ukraine – Kiev, in the historical town-museum Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky. In the city there are 24 museums, numerous churches and historical monuments. The city is very interested in the historical and cultural aspects.

   The university obtains the highest fourth grade accreditation and trains specialists of educational-qualification levels: bachelor, specialist, masters and PhD.

   The University offers courses in the humanities and natural sciences.

  The University has the highest level of accreditation. Training is carried out on the education and skill levels: “Bachelor”, “Specialist”, “Master”. The university also provides post-graduate and doctoral studies.

Training is conducted in the humanities and natural sciences. We provide our students with everything necessary for quality education.

The following faculties and specialties are represented in our university:

Faculty of Education:

Primary education (specialization: English, practical psychology);

Practical Psychology;

Musical Art (specialization: social pedagogy);

Fine Arts (specialization: the basics of design, modeling clothes).

Department of History:

History, Political science

Faculty of Philology:

Language and Literature (English, German, French, Russian)

Ukrainian Language and Literature (specialization: educational books)

Ukrainian Language and Literature (specialization: English)

Faculty of pedagogy and Psychology:

Pre-school education, Psychology, Social pedagogy

Faculty of Natural and Technological Sciences:

Technological Education (work training), Mathematics, Health, Biology, Geography

Faculty of Finance and Economics:

Accounting and Auditing, Business Economics, Finance and Credit, Professional Education (commodity research, records management, travel services, the economy, health and safety).

We give special attention to the development of international relations. Cooperation with foreign universities, organizations and embassies is an essential part of work in the university.

    Our students have the opportunity to take part in cultural exchange programs, internship programs, grants and fund programs, volunteer projects, double diploma.

 The University has its own professional journals in different areas:

Humanitarian science: pedagogy, philosophy, psychology;

Economic science: economy;

Theoretical and didactic philology: philology, pedagogy;

Scientific messages from history of Ukraine: history, historiography, history of scitech;

Psycholinguistics: psychology, pedagogics.



Zip: 084001

Kiev region, Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky, 30, Sukhomlinsky St.

Tel. (04567) 32801