What is the international student program of unilateral cultural exchange?

Au Pair

Program for students or graduates of pedagogical University: the opportunity to get experience of working with children (professional) and language practice (English, German or French).

The program includes:

  • 6 – 12 months in the United States or in Europe;
  • Accommodation in families, practice in the specialty of working with children;
  • Free accommodation, meals, medical insurance;
  • Cash for the program;
  • The opportunity to attend language courses in the host country;
  • Paid vacation for two weeks.

Work and Travel

It is one of the programs of cultural exchange that has existed since 1961.

The supervisory body – the US Department of State and the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the United States. The project promotes contact between the youth from USA and the youth of our country. The program is planned for the summer holidays.

Camp of America

The program “Camp of America” gives students the opportunity to work in the USA camps in the summer holidays. Priorities of the program are to practice English broadcasting and getting cash which completely cover the costs of the program.

Volunteer camps

In the framework of the agreement about interaction and cooperation the Ukrainian Association of youth cooperation “Alternative-V” and SHEE “Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky Hryhoriy Skovoroda SPU” students have the opportunity to participate in the international summer volunteer camps in Germany, France, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, the USA and other countries.


  • Active cooperation on a voluntary basis, which contributes to youth international leadership in the social sector;
  • Work sharing for local communities;
  • Facilitating the experience exchange of self-government among the students of Ukraine and the youth from other countries – the organization of joint events and round tables;
  • The practice of English speech – communication between volunteers in the camp will be in English language;
  • Interaction and experience exchange in the sphere of culture: familiarity with cultural values, language and traditions of the selected country.

To participate in the project the student should:

  • To choose the host country and camp;
  • To fill in the online questionnaire;
  • To register for the program;
  • To have a foreign passport;

Details you can get in the international department.