Embassy of the Slovak Republic proposes the provision of standard grants of Eastern partnership.

The aim of the competition is to promote democratization of civil society in the countries of the Eastern partnership through the medium-term projects aimed at providing access to the experience of Visegrad group countries in democratic transformation, EU integration, civil society building and regional cooperation.

Open grants:

Visegrad Artist Residency – Performing Arts

The program provides opportunities to support artists, talented artists and artistic companies, with the aim of creating a platform for information exchange and to support the contemporary theatre and dance in Central Europe.

The aim of the programme is the support for innovations, experiments and creativity in the field of new drama, contemporary dance, circus, physical theatre, visual theatre, alternative theatre, performance art. The program is not suitable for stone theaters those have already had developed performances, or theatre festivals. The program supports exchanges and contributes for  more intensive collaboration of freelance artists and art institutions.

Financial support is provided to both the artists and the host institutions in the following format: € 4000 for single occupancy (1-2 artists): € 1,500 for the host institution / € 2,500 to the artist (s).

Small Grants

The projects financed within small grants should fall into oneof  the following six categories: cultural cooperation, scientific exchange and research education youth exchanges, cross-border cooperation or promotion of tourism.

Annual budget: € 640 000

Max. project budget: € 6000

Max. time frame: 6 months

Annual deadlines: 1st of March, 1st  of June, 1st of September and 1st of December

Registration: http://applications.visegradfund.org/Login.aspx