To Canada- free? The project “Explore Canada”

Are you dreaming to go to Canada but you are lack of funds?
Do you want to spend the holidays useful?
Do you want to attend real lectures at Canadian schools and Universities?
Do you want to quickly learn or improve English?

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The education in Canada for Ukrainians becomes more available! Win a free trip to Canada that includes: studying, accommodation, excursions, meals and lectures’ attendant in educational establishments of Canada.

Detail information about educational nationwide project “ExploreCanada”

The main criteria for the selection of winners is the identity and activity of the participator!
Prove that you are the perfect candidate!

European database of teachers

Central European University in Skalitse (Slovakia) invites You to participate in the creation of a database of scientific-pedagogical workers from Ukraine, who can provide teaching subjects in universities, other higher education institutions of the European Union and the partner universities of Ukraine by branches of knowledge (classification in Ukraine): 0203 Humanities, 0301 Social and political Sciences, 0302 International relations, 0304 Jurisprudence, 0305 Economics and entrepreneurship”, 0306 Management and administration, 0401 Natural Sciences, 0501 Computer science and engineering, 0801 Geodesy and land management, 1401 Hospitality sphere.

Research and teaching staff included in the specified database, will have the right to work, both on the territory of Ukraine (under contract), and in the territory of the European Union.

People which have passed the competitive selection and will work within the European Union, provided supporting documents and the support of the University for nostrification (recognition) of degrees, academic titles, obtaining of visa and temporary residence permit for the period of work.

Filled form ,please, send on e-mail: abiturient.sevs@gmail.com,